The Wittaya Aqua Platform

Wittaya Aqua is a production management platform that increases operational efficiency through aggregation and analysis of the huge volume of data already collected by aquaculture operations. The platform is powered by advanced mathematical and nutritional models and creates value by optimizing feeding practices, reducing uncertainty in forecasting production, and tracking commercially important benchmarks.

Platform Features



The platform is easy to use, comprehensive and adaptable to a wide variety of aquaculture species; trout, tilapia, shrimp, crab, you name it

Improved Production

Improved Production

Objective, robust and credible computation of performance metrics



Dynamic and insightful simulation of animal inventory

Superior Forecasting

Superior Forecasting

Superior harvest forecasting, including weight distribution

Our unique approach contrasts estimates from your aquaculture operation with Wittaya Aqua’s industry-leading algorithms

Who We Are

Wittaya (Thai) or Vidya (Sanskrit) means 'knowledge' or 'science'. Our platform brings a science–based approach to production and feeding management in aquaculture.

The Team

What People Are Saying About Us

Jenny B. & Elly K.
Toba Tilapia, Sumatra, Indonesia

"We have relied on the models developed by Dr. Bureau and his colleagues to audit past production performance and forecast growth of Nile tilapia at Toba Tilapia. These models proved very valuable and really helped improve production and feeding management."

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