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The Wittaya Platform is a tool that allows farmers to track, visualize and predict metrics that are crucial to the success of their farm. The platform uses models developed in the world-renowned Fish Nutrition Research Laboratory at the University of Guelph to help farmers save money on their feed bill, estimate biomass, plan their production and reduce the risk of disease.

Accurate Biomass Estimation

Accurately estimating biomass is one of the most important aspects of aquaculture farm management. This estimate tells you how much to feed your animals, when to harvest and how much you should expect to be paid by the processor. It also helps you estimate your feed conversion ratio, which determines the efficiency of your farm. Wittaya’s proprietary software models help you accurately forecast your biomass, so that you always know how well your farm is operating and how you can maximize your profitability.

Production Planning and Harvest Forecasting

Properly planning your production schedule is crucial to ensuring the profitability of your farm. You need to know when to go to the market to ensure that you get the best price for your animals and don’t waste money on feeding them once fully grown. With Wittaya’s production management platform, you can forecast different production scenarios and test the optimal time to harvest your animals. Now, you can rest assured knowing that you’re harvesting at the best time for your farm.

Improved Feed Management and Farm Performance

Feeding is the largest production cost on a typical aquaculture operation, accounting for up to 80% of production costs. Therefore, even a small amount of wasted or un-digested feed can be quite costly. One of Wittaya’s core features is the ability to track your feeding regimen and receive recommendations on how to reduce the amount of feed you use. You can also compare the effects of using different types of feed, since some feeds will be consumed by the animals but not fully digested, leading to additional wastage.

Reduced Environmental and Health Risks

Disease is one of the biggest risks to your farm. At any moment, an outbreak of disease could cause a major shock to your animals, leading to the use of expensive chemicals, antibiotics or even the loss of animals. A major cause of disease in aquaculture is due to excess feeding, as too much biological matter in the water leads to a higher incidence of disease. Wittaya’s platform helps you optimize your feeding practices, improving the water quality in and around your operation as well as saving you money and lowering your disease risk.

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