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A digital platform to interpret data across the feed-to-farm supply chain

Aquaculture has a data problem across the feed-to-farm supply chain.

Data and knowledge are generated by different stakeholders, from ingredient suppliers to feed mills to farms. On their own, it's hard for each to see the root causes and effects outside their area to optimise animal performance across the supply chain. With Wittaya Aqua's centralised platform for ingredient, feed, and farm performance data, we capture valuable information and use decades of scientific research to turn data into insights for improved aquafeed and on-farm results.

Aquaculture Data problem
Wittaya AquaOp Feed Aquaculture platform being used in a laptop
Wittaya AquaOp Feed Aquaculture platform being used in a laptop

The AquaOP Feed Platform

AquaOp Feed platform assists ingredient and aquafeed professionals to:

Develop nutritionally-complete formulations with preloaded specs for major farmed species
Assess the value of different ingredients for particular formulations
Handle ingredient sourcing and quality data, Gauge carbon footprint of formulations (beta!)

The AquaOp Farm Platform

The AquaOp Farm platform helps aquaculture professionals:

Forecast growth, mortality, and feed requirements for major farmed species
Benchmark performance of historical production cycles
Compare current performance to historical or forecasted targets
Store and manage farm data in a single central location

Wittaya AquaOp Aquaculture platform being used in a laptop

Tailored Aquaculture Solutions

Led by our Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Dominique P. Bureau, our world-class scientific team provides custom expert support paired with our software platforms. With 80+ years of combined experience, we help ingredient, aquafeed, and commercial farm companies solve their toughest problems in nutrition and on-farm performance.

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