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Who are we?

Wittaya Aqua is a production management platform that increases operational efficiency through aggregation and analysis of the huge volume of data already collected by aquaculture operations. The platform is powered by advanced mathematical and nutritional models and creates value by optimizing feeding practices, reducing uncertainty in forecasting production, and tracking commercially important benchmarks.

Our Solution

Bimass Estimation

Accurate Biomass Estimation

Production planning and Harvest forecasting

Production Planning and Harvest Forecasting

Feed Management and Farm Performance

Improved Feed Management and Farm Performance

Environmental and Health risk Mitigation

Reduced Environmental and Health Risks

Aquaculture platform

The Wittaya Platform is a tool that allows farmers to track, visualize and predict metrics that are crucial to the success of their fish farm. The platform uses models developed in the world-renowned Fish Nutrition Research Laboratory at the University of Guelph to help farmers save money on their feed bill, estimate biomass, plan their production and reduce the risk of disease.

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Feed Manufacturers

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Growout Farms

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What people are saying about us

"We have relied on the models developed by Dr. Bureau and his colleagues to audit past production performance and forecast growth of Nile tilapia at Toba Tilapia. These models proved very valuable and really helped improve production and feeding management."

Jenny B. & Elly K.
Toba Tilapia, Sumatra, Indonesia
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