Make sense of your Aquaculture Data

Produce more with less using the AquaOp Farm Management Software.

Aquaculture has a data problem.

Every year, your business generates large amounts of data that you can use to make better decisions. However, making sense of all of this data is time consuming and challenging. At Wittaya Aqua, our mission is to help you save time and money by making your data work for you.

Aquaculture Data problem
Wittaya AquaOp Aquaculture platform being used in a laptop

The AquaOp Platform

The AquaOp Farm Management System is an intuitive software platform that helps you manage your data – without breaking the bank. By keeping all of your data in one location, you can get real-time insights on how to save money and produce more with less.

Tailored Aquaculture Solutions

Led by our Co-Founder Dr. Dominique P. Bureau, our world-class scientific team can help you tackle any issue that you are facing – at any point in the supply chain. We have a combined 80+ years of experience helping companies solve their most difficult operational and scientific problems – from hatcheries, farms and processing plants to feed companies, feed additive manufacturers, raw ingredient processors and vertically-integrated farms.

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