Data-driven decision making is the new standard in aquaculture.

World-leading advisory services at every point in the aquaculture supply chain.

Aquaculture Pipeline

Integrate cutting-edge scientific advancements into your organization.

Whether you are a farm, feed company, hatchery, processing plant or all of the above, our highly experienced scientific team can help propel your company forward. We have decades of experience implementing scientifically-sound analytics solutions for some of the largest aquaculture companies in the world.

The Wittaya Way

Our team implements modern scientific and data analysis tools that deliver value long after the project is finished. Whether we are helping you optimize your feed, reduce your risk of disease or structure your data analysis processes, we are committed to ensuring that you are set up for success.

Our areas of Expertise

Growth Modelling

Accurately forecast biomass, bodyweight and inventory so you can plan your harvest and maximize yields.

Production Optimization

Reduce your feed conversion ratio, feed wastage and risk of disease. Grow larger, healthier animals with less feed.

Custom Feed Formulation

Get a feed formulation tailored for your specific production conditions and minimize your feed conversion ratio.

Environmental Management

Accurately predict the impact of production decisions on the surrounding ecology and minimize environmental impact, making regulatory compliance easier.

Diet Optimization

Ensure that the feeds you sell are meeting the nutritive and digestive requirements of your region, at the lowest cost.

Ingredient Evaluation

Looking to sell a new feed ingredient in the aquaculture industry? We can help you determine the nutritive and economic value of your ingredients, so you can find the best market to sell into.

See how Wittaya Aqua can help you get more out of your aquaculture farm.